Customer Care and Billing Resource
Welcome to JEAVerify, JEA’s subscription service designed for government agencies, non-profit organizations, and commercial entities with a legitimate business need for electronic access to utility records.

How to request access:

If you are a government or non-profit employee of an agency that already has subscription access to JEAVerify and you have a business need to obtain JEAVerify access, please e-mail The e-mail request must be sent directly from your agency e-mail account with your direct Manager copied and contain all of the following information. Requests that do not contain all of the required information will not be processed.
  • Full Legal Name
  • E-mail Address
  • Phone Number
  • Employer
  • Federal Employer ID
  • Employer Address
  • Manager's Full Name
  • Manager's Phone Number
  • Description of Why Access is Needed
For other agencies and businesses please E-mail: to obtain subscription information, including terms and conditions of use, contract information and pricing.

If you already have access to the JEA Verify system and need help with your account, please E-mail:

If you have any other requests you may E-mail: or call (904) 665-7309.